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The Lechweg

From the source to the waterfall

Since 2012 you can follow the river Lech along an easy wide hiking path from its source close to the Formarinsee in Vorarlberg right up to the Lech waterfall in Füssen im Allgäu. Europe’s first river hike connecting three regions (Arlberggebiet, Lechtal-Reutte, southern Allgäu) and two countries with their traditions and history.

Surrounded by the mountains of the northern Alps the path takes you through one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe past lots of spots where you can stop and relax and experience the senses and it is also an easy hiking route for pleasure hikers.

Stretching along 120 kilometers you will pass an abundance of imposing sights and natural wonders. See the largest colony of ibex in Europe and a very special waterfall which dries up each year and then springs up again. Cross the longest foot suspension bridge in Austria and pass the famous impressive Bavarian royal palace. Nature along the Lechweg has been embossed by the river. Lots of rare breeding birds and wild growing orchids create a habitat rich in species in central Europe.

Certified as the first Leading Quality Trail following a strict quality check by the european hiking association it is now a prime example for comprehensive hiking paths in the whole of Europe.

Immerse yourself into nature with all its riches, embossed by the magical turquoise wildwater river Lech.

The starting point of the Lechweg is located at 1.793 meters high which means the whole route is only accessible between the end of June and the beginning of October. The hiking route can easily be separated into stages and thereby be enjoyed in separate sections.

More Information

The Lechweg is not only the first wide river hike in Europe it’s the first route to ever have a song named after it.

Inspired by the unique nature along the Lech, Toni Knittel “Bluatschink” wrote a very special piece of music which stormed the hit parade. A few years ago Toni was one of the first to walk along the Lechweg and found his own strength and creativity for his new projects. The song “Along the Lech” is the result of his rewarding hike. Listen to this moving song yourself and feel the rhythm of the walk.

With music hiking is a pleasure, especially along the Lechweg.

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