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Summer at the heights

The Tannberg, described as unique in the Alpine region by the real experts, presents itself as a varied, invigorating, and at the same time tranquil hiking region. There’s also plenty to offer for sport fans as well as ambitious lovers of alpine nature.

Despite its central location the hustle and bustle of everyday life appears to be far away. The wide Lech Warth Schröcken hiking paradise is situated at a high altitude with an extremely favourable climate.

There are unique and diverse hiking routes to be discovered at the Tannberg. Pleasantly enticing walking paths in Hochtal or Bergwald, over the Walser mule tracks crossing over the mountain saddle, and just as appealing are the fixed rope routes and summit tours. All sport enthusiasts and nature lovers will find something here.

Incredibly facet rich impressions present themselves here. You will be fascinated by the mighty Schröcken alpine basin where numerous picturesque and scattered farmsteads lie, by the moors, the sunny high plateaus and the colourful high valleys. Between imposing mountain scenarios and idyllic areas you will also find numerous natural places of beauty such as the romantic Körbersee.

At the Tannberg you will find the perfect combination between culture, sport and nature. You will be amazed.

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