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The Burwaldtrail

...the Downhill trail in Lech

Burgwald Trail

The Burgwald Trail in Lech am Arlberg is the first official freeride and enduro track in the Vorarlberg region and provides an additional sporting attraction for guests coming to Lech Zürs and the surrounding areas. The Trail, which is next to the Lech-Upper Lech cable car and the Petersboden chair lift, has been designed so suit every rider whether it’s your first time or looking to take things to the next level.

With the new Easy-Line at the Petersbodenbahn there is now a total of 488 metres in height for biking fun along a total route of 4,1 km.

The trail at the Lech Oberlech mountain railway has been designed to provide freeriding fun for both beginners as well as ambitious mountain bikers. The different graded levels along the route are suitable for all biking standards: blue = easy, red = hard and black = difficult.

Bikers with less experience on trails will have plenty of fun on the easy line right the way through the trail whilst for the more advanced bikers there are always diversions along parts of the route with varying standards and graded levels. With obstacles, wooden bends, north shore elements, drops and technical challenges, the trail has been cleverly designed and will challenge any biker. The highlight is definitely the 50 m long Anaconda North Shore Element, the Skinny Boardwalk and the Patrese Jump with a double Road Gap at the end!

The new Easy Line at the Petersbodenbahn which is suitable for beginners to gain experience, is an extension of the existing route at the Lech-Oberlech mountain railway.


  • Built in: Oberlech-Lech July 2012; Petersboden-Oberlech August 2014
  • Altitude height difference: 488 m
  • Length: approx. 4 km
  • Start: at the mountain summit cable car station Petersboden
  • Finish: close to the Lech-Oberlech cable car station in the valley
  • Difficulty: Blue, partly red and black elements
  • Surface: forest floor, gravel, North Shore elements, drops and bends at different heights

Bike Rental

For fun on the „Burgwald Trail“ we recommend a Freeride- or Endurobike. The appropriately equipped rental bikes can be reserved at the sport shop „Sportalp“ in Lech.


Short movie for a first impression of the Burgwaldtrail