Life sometimes opens doors, where we did not suspect

TIme for a sabbatical

Time to say Thank you…

50 years of Hotel Theodul in Lech,
30 years we were privileged to manage and develop the hotel and to realize our ideas.
We look back very gratefully.
We would like to thank our parents and employees, but first and foremost almost you, our regular guests, who accompanied us on this journey of success. Despite floods and the economic crisis we were able to achieve an excellent occupancy rate and best results for our investments in the Theodul.

Anniversaries are the perfect time for reflection and orientation

After a long conversation it crystallized that our sons Magnus and Linus see themselves in the professional ski sport in the next 5 to 10 years.

It’s vital to meet the challenges of everyday life equally

General conditions such as the excessive bureaucracy, administration, shortage of employees, new media, small-scale structure and our liability to perfectionism but also age of life and health conditions take a toll.

Time to take a „sabbatical – time-out“

During last winter an unexpected “door” opened for us – it was a long process and a great challenge to step through this door into the unknown. Life has let us get to know Andy Sturt. Our partner Andy Sturt is going to manage the HOTEL THEODUL for the next five years. He is the founder of VIP-Ski. A small company enterprise with 3 hotels & 67 chalets in the most exclusive ski resorts in Austria, France and Switzerland. He and his team are going to manage the Theodul in the next 5 years with a touch of British character.

Time for our Chalet “Hus Hörili”

We will dedicate time to our chalet “Hus Hörili” and will continue to rent and look after our 3 exclusive apartments during the coming years.
You can already book our apartments in the Hus Hörili. We would be happy to compile a non-binding offer for your next winter holiday.

Hus Hörili

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